Terms and Conditions

No Pets Allowed. No Exceptions

Smoking is permitted only on the balconies, with the doors closed, when and if it is not at the detriment of other patrons.

Additional guests: Our room rates are based on double occupancy, with the ability to have up to two additional guests to some of the units. Additional guests are charged $35/night per adult (over 18 years old) and $25/night per children (ages 4-18).

Our delicious breakfast and the social hour, as well as dessert and any amenities are for REGISTERED hotel guests only. Upon availability guests can have a friend or family member join either breakfast or the social hour for a $35 fee. This must be first confirmed with the front desk.

Check-in/Check-out Procedure

Check-in is at 3:00pm, and check-out is at 11:00am

At check-in we place a hold on your credit card and at check-out we charge your credit card. You must have a credit/debit card to hold a reservation. We require all pertinent information at check in (mailing address, phone numbers, etc.).

At check-out you may pay with cash, change credit cards or split the amount on up to 2 separate cards. Please make sure to turn your keys in to the front desk, in order to complete your check out.

We reserve the right to accommodate for late departures based on room occupancy. All late check-outs must be approved by the front desk staff prior to 11am on the day of the departure. All non-approved late check-out will be charged automatically. (Please see information book for additional details)

Due to the prime location of our property, in the heart of town and next to pier, there will be an inherent amount of street noise, stemming from outside traffic. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, the guest understands that such disturbances are beyond the control of On the Beach, Bed and Breakfast, or its staff.

We have a strict noise policy: 10pm-8am is considered quiet time.

The Main Lobby area may not be used during Quiet Time, other than for access in and out of the building, or to use the food bar area.

Children are allowed on our premises as long as they adhere to our strict noise policy. Children must be accompanied at all times by and adult when on the property. Children are not allowed to roam around the breakfast area during breakfast hours.

Our onsite attendant will issue a noise warning when another room complains and she/he feels it is appropriate. A second warning will be given at no cost, while a third warning comes with a $35 fee added to the rate of your room. We reserve the right to ask unruly customers to vacate the premises. The rate of the room and all other costs incurred will be attributed to the guest.

When and if, rules are broken, or as required by law, local law enforcement agencies will be called on the premise and guests information released, as appropriate.

Each room at On the Beach, Bed and Breakfast has a large jetted tub, a fireplace and balcony. If you decide to use the jets (for the tub in your room) the system goes through a cleaning process 30-60 minutes after. The cleaning last on average 1 minute and it stops on its own. (ATTENTION: the button for the jets is only an ON button and pressing it repeatedly will just cause the system to come on for a full cycle, including the 1 minute jet cleaning). The fireplace is operated by a wall switch, close to its physical location. Sometimes it can take up to 20 seconds for the fireplace to turn completely on.

Our Spa Deck is available for use between 10am-10pm. The water will NOT remain hot overnight. If there are any issues with the tub during regular operation hours, please inform the front desk. Our spa is professionally serviced 2 times a week to meet code and standards regulations. Children under 12 must be supervised when using the hot tub. Spa towels may not be used for purposes other than our Spa Deck and Tub (i.e. they may not be taken to the beach). Any changes to the Spa Tub setting are strictly prohibited and all activity is under surveillance.

The grill is to be used by employees only. Guests may use the grill when and if a manager approves it.

Any damages to the rooms are billed to the customer, to the card on file. They include, but are not limited to: ruined linens and towels, smoke smell, fish and fishing related activities (no fresh fish allowed in the rooms). The charges will include the cost of replacing such items, as well as the time and materials needed to perform cleaning and maintenance services.

Guests with family members or friends in other rooms may not interchange pillows, robes, blankets, towels and other such items. If any are found missing at check-out, the guest will be charged for the item at fair market value.

Our office is closed between 8pm-9am. We have an after hour, on call emergency number to help with severe issues. Please consult the information book and this paper before calling. The on call emergency number is for non 911 emergencies. Prank and drunken calls will incur additional cost to the registered room guest.

If you need any additional items that are usually provided by housekeeping please inform the front desk before 8pm.

Stay overs: Based on hotel policy, the housekeeping department will perform stay over services, after all arrivals have been completed. Often times, stay overs are not started until 3 pm or later. If you would like us to perform such activities earlier, it is your responsibility to inform the front desk. Our staff is trained on efficiency, and often times stay overs are performed in 5-10 minutes. Please consult the information book regarding services included in a typical stay over and other that are performed upon special request.

When a guest refuses to depart on the day of their scheduled check-out, or cannot be reached, and their belongings are still in the room, he/she is hereby informed that On the Beach reserves the right to move such items to a secure location, at their discretion, so that the room can be properly serviced for the new arrival. In the event that personal belongings are left in the room at the time of the departures, On the Beach Bed and Breakfast will keep item(s) for 30 days or as provided by law. Any shipping charges incurred will be added to the card on file.

Food allergies: We try our very best to accommodate the needs of any guests. If you have a food allergy or sensitivity, please inform the front desk at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can budget and prep for such dietary needs.


Rate is based on double (2) occupancy. Upon arrival if more guests are staying in the room there will be an additional charge of $35.00/night per person over the age of 21, and $25.00/night for each child between the ages of 4 and 21.

Check-in begins at 3 p.m. Our office is closed from 7 p.m. until 9 a.m; if you plan on arriving after 7 p.m. please contact us to make arrangements.

Cancellations or any changes to your reservation must be communicated via front desk 72 hours prior to arrival to avoid a charge for a one night stay or any other additional charges.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone at (805) 995-3200 or by e-mail at info@CaliforniaOnTheBeach.com

By completing this online reservation, each guest agrees to our terms and conditions and to the payment of the full amount stated.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.