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Best Breakfast on the Beach – by Maureen H

At last, the cookbook is here!! All the recipes for breakfast that I have done for the last five years at On the Beach. I wrote this cookbook in recognition of the many guests who have said: “If you had a cookbook, I would buy it!” My forty years of cooking in cafes on the west coast as well as the Northwest have gone into the making of this. It is not just recipes, but allowing your own renditions of the basic ingredients to make it your own, which is the way they were developed. CABBI (California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns) posted my Bacon and Leek Quiche recipe and put it succinctly when they said it is not just about the Inn, but “beloved for its breakfast” If you have stayed at On the Beach, Bed and Breakfast you know that we cook from scratch, morning to evening, and it is not the kind of offering you get at big hotels. I invite you not only to check out the cookbook, but also see all the different, creative input from our talented chefs at On the Beach, Bed and Breakfast!

The cookbook will be available at the Front Desk at On the Beach and also via email order: MaureenHandshy8@gmail.com