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Best Breakfast on the Beach …Recipes by Maureen

“The reaction to my cookbook has been overwhelming!!! Thank you, again, dear guests for your encouragement and support. There was an ingredient missing in the ‘Blueberry Pancake’ recipe… specifically 2 cups of blueberries… duh! Overall I was pleased with the end product… and thinking about another cook book that would be about appetizers, salads, and desserts.
Here is a recipe i would like to share with you that is not in the cookbook but would be a great addition:

Swiss Apple Quiche
2 frozen pie shells
3 medium tart green apples, peeled and finely chopped
8 green onions, thinly sliced
¼ tsp nutmeg
½ tsp curry
1 Tbsp butter
4 cups grated Gruyere cheese
1 cup whipping cream
4 eggs, slightly beaten
½ cup dry Vermouth or dry white wine
¼ tsp pepper

1. Bake the pie shells on a baking sheet lined with foil at 350 until shells are lightly browned. Let cool.
2. Preheat oven to 375. Combine apples, green onions, nutmeg, and curry. Sautée in butter for 3-5 minutes, or until just soft. Cool. Spoon into cooled pie shells and top with grated cheese.
3. Combine cream, eggs, Vermouth and pepper. Pour slowly with a glass measuring cup, over the cheese. Bake quiche on middle rack for 35-45 minutes, or until firm and golden. Watch that the pastry doesn’t get too brown. Cover if necessary. Remove from oven and cool on a rack for 15 minutes.
Each quiche serves 8

Please let me know how the recipes are working for you via email”


Best Breakfast on the Beach – by Maureen H

At last, the cookbook is here!! All the recipes for breakfast that I have done for the last five years at On the Beach. I wrote this cookbook in recognition of the many guests who have said: “If you had a cookbook, I would buy it!” My forty years of cooking in cafes on the west coast as well as the Northwest have gone into the making of this. It is not just recipes, but allowing your own renditions of the basic ingredients to make it your own, which is the way they were developed. CABBI (California Association of Boutique & Breakfast Inns) posted my Bacon and Leek Quiche recipe and put it succinctly when they said it is not just about the Inn, but “beloved for its breakfast” If you have stayed at On the Beach, Bed and Breakfast you know that we cook from scratch, morning to evening, and it is not the kind of offering you get at big hotels. I invite you not only to check out the cookbook, but also see all the different, creative input from our talented chefs at On the Beach, Bed and Breakfast!

The cookbook will be available at the Front Desk at On the Beach and also via email order:

Back Roads all the Way – By Shannon E.

Your guide to the back roads connecting Beautiful Cayucos to Montana De Oro State Park (Website). The hurry less, live more, way to travel when visiting this gorgeous coastal retreat.
The sunrise is bouncing across black hill mountain in shades of pinks and orange, today is a good day. If you are lucky enough to wake up with the waves in your ear and sand in your shoes, you may very well be on the central coast of California. To the East; 15 million year old sleeping volcanic mountains covered in dark greens and golden yellows, rest peacefully. To the West the Pacific Ocean; dressed in shades of blue and kissed by the sun. If you are only here for a short time, take that time to saunter about the beach towns that us locals love the most.
Your drive starts off in Cayucos(Cayucos Map), heading South on Ocean Ave toward 12th street. Ocean will eventually turn into the on ramp to the winding Pacific Coast Highway 1 (also referred to as Cabrillo Highway) this highway will take you along to Morro Bay. Exit on 279A (the Main St. exit) and turn right onto Main. Main Street in Morro Bay is a metropolis all on its own. Somewhat separate from the famous Embarcadero, Main Street offers a wealth of locally owned shops, antiques dealers, restaurants and a Saturday Morning (2-5 pm) Farmers Market where you can purchase in season fruits and vegetables, fresh homemade salsa, tamales, pressed juices and hot soups. Farmers only sell what they grow, most of which is grown locally right here on the central coast. Off of Main, a right onto Beach St. will lead you down to the Embarcadero, a favorite spot for tourists and locals alike. The Embarcadero is home to a wonderful array of restaurants, gift shops and galleries filled with the works of local artists and crafters. It goes without mention that Morro Bay’s “The Rock” is not only an integral part of the city’s geographical history but a prominent gathering spot for surfers and beach goers.
Now for the really good stuff! Beach, Harbor, Pacific or Marina streets will all get you back up to Main. A right hand turn onto Main from any one of these streets will take you along to the next gorgeous leg of our journey. Main St. will take you by State Park Road, it will be a left up a steep hill and straight through Morro Bay Golf Course (Website). State Park road (also referred to as Park View Dr.) can be somewhat tricky to navigate as the road itself is not well marked and is also extremely tight. It does offer some really beautiful views of the marshes and foothills along the coast but nothing too extraordinary that you won’t see by following Main St. all the way through. Keeping on Main and to your right you will come to Fairbank Point, a small beach like turnout that has only a few parking spots and an incredible View. The sunset in this particular spot is glorious, probably because the area is so small that the sun set wraps everything up in warm golds and pinks. In October and November it looks like the sky is a puddle of sherbert ice cream that has dribbled all over everything, it’s really stunning.
Past Fairbank point will be the Museum of Natural History(website) on your right. The Museum overlooks Morro Bay which is both a State and National Estuary. Entry fees to the museum are $3 for adults and free to children 16 and under. The Museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day of the year except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Morro Bay Campground is a little further down and on your left. The campground is a mixed forest originally planted by Civilian Conservation Corps crews during the 1930’s and shades 135 campsites. There are also picnic facilities including tables and BBQ pits for folks who wish to visit the park for just a day.
Follow Main st. around the bend with the swampy marshes to your right, eventually you will end up at a crossroads. The road you are met with is South Bay Boulevard, you’ll want to turn right. South Bay Boulevard is one of only two ways into and out of a pair of the small towns; Los Osos and it’s suburb Baywood. South Bay, as the locals call it, will run you into Los Osos Valley Road or LOVR for short.
Taking a right at LOVR will set you on a course for some really exquisite scenery. Los Osos Valley Road will lead you through the town of Los Osos and will turn into Pecho Valley Road. Trust the road and follow it boldly, 3 or so miles out from sleepy Los Osos and hidden in the eucalyptus filled dunes is Montana De Oro, or “Mountain of Gold”. Proving time and again to be the most tranquil and fascinating landscape between here and there, Montana De Oro has become the quintessential ‘go to’ for those trying to escape the hustle.
The beach is covered in shell and jade, this striking park features rugged cliffs, secluded sandy beaches, coastal plains, streams, canyons, and hills, including the 1,347-foot Valencia Peak. Montana De Oro also has Caves! If the tide is low enough you can climb in, on and around the natural cave formations and play in the rocky tide pools. I am warning you now; the moss is real and the potential to slip and bonk your noggin is a serious one so walk with care.
I’ve spent some of the best days of my life on these backroads, learning every twist and turn, nook and cranny. Windows down, music up, soaking in all the beauty that is my hometown. These roads lead to adventure and have the potential to create undeniable memories for you and your family. I hope you love and cherish them as much as we locals do!

Local Routes of Fun

We all know that the beauty of the central coast extends from the serene scenes of the coastal waters to the rolling hills of the surrounding wine country. On any given day, especially during the summer, one can encounter hundreds upon hundreds of people travelling the paths of our beautiful area. Multiple advertising dollars are spent annually to attract people to a specific destination, winery, monument, etc. As seasoned locals we would like to suggest a few day long activities that would maximize time and open up to pristine sights, some not advertised on any map:
• Adelaida AVA Wine Day
Wine Tasting Options : Dubost Winery, Law Estate Wines, Le Cuvier Winery, Michael Gil
Activities: ask for a vineyard/production tour at Le Cuvier Winery, walk between the vines at Dubost Winery
Lunch: Pack a picnic, try the food parings at Le Cuvier Winery
• North Coast Play Day
Wine Tasting Options: Hearst Family Wines, Moonstone Winery, Black Hand Cellars, Twin Coyotes, Cutruzzola Vineyards, Stolo Family Vineyards
Activities: Hearst Castle, Elephant Seals, Moonstone Beach Boardwalk, Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
Lunch: Robin’s, Moonstone Bar and Grill, Linn’s Restaurant
Dinner: Sea Chest, Saw’s Ear
• Stay and play in Cayucos
Wine Tasting: Cayucos Cellars, Full Moon Wine Bar
Play: walk the bluffs north of town, walk the beach to Morro Rock (at low tide), hike hang glider hill,
Lunch: Schooners, Cass House Grill, Duckies, Sea Shanty
Dinner: Café della Via
• Templeton Field Trip Day
Wine Tasting: Clavo Cellars, Tin City Wineries (Aaron Wines, Desperada, Levo Wines, ONX Wines); Beer: Barrel House
Play: Saturday morning farmers market, stroll along the streets of the town
Lunch: Kitchenette, Nature’s Touch Nursery and Harvest
Dinner: McPhee’s
As veteran wine tasters, we recommend a maximum of three wineries per trip, lots of water and of course eating before, during and after.
Do not forget, always designate a sober driver and taste responsibly.

Highway 1 Discovery Route… On the Beach Style

Our journey on the most amazing drive in California starts in the heart of Big Sur, along coastal Hwy 1. This trip focuses on short stops and does not include the amazing camping spots available along the way. So fasten your seat belts because this will be the trip of a lifetime.
Nepenthe is an amazing stop for delicious nibbles, great local Santa Lucia Highlands pinot noirs and the most refreshing cocktails. The Phoenix gallery on the ground level is sure to delight the eye and the senses with art, books and exquisite lotions, among silk garbs and garden gifts. There is also second level café for those looking for a quick bite. The top level opens to amphitheater style seating and the entrance to Nepenthe Restaurant. If available, request a table on the ocean side patio for the most breathtaking views of the Pacific. Nepenthe’s webcam is set up on their website at , so do not hesitate to check the weather and the crowd levels. This stop is a very popular destination during summer and the weekends, so we suggest you time it wisely, otherwise parking can be a bit of challenge.
With a full belly and a heart ready for adventure, set sail south through the newly constructed tunnel. Many guests have suggested a stop at the New Camadoli Hermitage Monastery for a bit of zen and some great gift items, including cards, coffee, fudge and granola.
Next on the itinerary would be a quick stop at Sand Dollar Beach. A myriad of steps and turns will settle the earlier lunch and open onto a gorgeous beach. Make sure to wear appropriate foot wear for an easy hike. The climb back up can be easily listed as a calorie burning activity.
The next stop on our Highway 1 Discovery Route would be the amazing Salmon Creek Falls. A very easy walk-hike from the highway opens up to beautiful boulder created pools and majestic falls. Other hikes also present themselves at this site, however, they require some experience and appropriate attire.
One of the last attractions on our personal list would be Ragged Point Inn and Restaurant. The lawn area in the back uncovers breathtaking views of the coast. Do not forget to check out the local artwork and local reclaimed wood sculpture.
As the hours of sunshine dwindle and you sail on the highway towards Cayucos, add to the list the elephant seals. A boardwalk allows visitors to admire the mammals in their natural habitat, enjoying the beach. Thirty-five minutes of driving left and you have arrived to On the Beach, bed and breakfast. Slip into our comfy robes, grab a glass of wine and let the sound of the ocean lull you away.

When in Cayucos…

When in Cayucos…

-These are a few of our favorite things-

A perfect day starts with a morning walk on the bluffs north of town. While sipping on a freshly brewed cup of local coffee from On the Beach ( – The Morning Fog Lifter) you can watch the waves crash into the shore and breathe in the fresh air. I prefer to go to the windmill and then thread back for some hot breakfast at the bnb (9am-11am). With a full belly and a warm heart, it’s time to spend a few relaxing minutes on the roof top deck. An invigorating shower is followed by some wine tasting at Cayucos Cellars, half way down the block ( This sensory experience can only be followed by two tacos from Ruddell’s Smokehouse ( ; if in season the smoked ono is sure to delight. Lunch cannot be complete without a sweet treat from the Brown Butter Cookie Company (

After a quick siesta at the hotel and a cup of tea, the journey is back on for some more wine discovery and education at Full Moon Wine Bar (Full Moon Wine Bar and Bistro). A flight of wines and a cheese plate, while looking at the ocean, is just what the doctor prescribed to take you through to dinner time. The decision process involving the evening meal can always be daunting. Will it be Italian at Caffe della Via (, tantalizing French Style cuisine at Hoppe’s Garden Bistro ( or a tasting menu at The Cass House ( The casual side begs the question of: Duckies Chowder House, Sea Shanty ( or Martin’s (

If one’s solar plexus is longing for more, a late night snack will most likely be encountered at Schooners Wharf, alongside some delightful cocktails ( The later night excitement along with live music (a couple of times a week) can be encountered at the Old Cayucos Tavern.

It is considered appropriate to enjoy the town as if you lived here, as long as you remember not to leave any trash behind, always wear a smile, and tip your servers.
Until the next time, we wish you health, happiness and loads of Cayucos fun time.

Cayucos Pier Project

cayucos pier project

Cayucos Pier Project

Throughout the years visitors from near and far have found Cayucos while traveling Highway 1. A short stretch of this world renowned highway offers majestic views of a wooden pier, built originally in 1872 by Captain James Cass, and the town adjoining it. For Cayucos the pier is correlated to the identity of this town and its mystique. It is impossible for us to imagine the town without it, as the two go hand in hand. On an even more personal note, the structure is also the identity for On the Beach Bed and Breakfast, as we often indicate that we are located at the foot of the pier.

Time and weather are known to affect even some of the most solid elements, such as rocks. The two conditions, in addition to a lack of adequate maintenance over the last 50 to 100 years, have brought the pier to a state of deterioration deemed unsafe for foot traffic. In the last several month the pier has been closed to the halfway mark to prevent any possible injuries. However, as a state owned landmark, under the jurisdiction of the county, this historical pier is set to have the much needed reinforcement and replacement of pilings.
Rick Rengel, one of our two owners at On the Beach, is also a well-known architect in San Luis Obispo county. Rick has recently overseen the restoration project at Port San Luis, and kindly volunteered his knowledge and expertise to this project.

The community has also proved its commitment to the cause. There is a local committee in direct contact with the county that oversees all donations and causes meant to raise awareness and contributions for the pier project. The outdoor/beach concert was one of the many successful events organized by the members and supported by the community. There is talk of an annual event stemming from this fundraiser.
Please visit for more information, historical photos, and details on how to get involved.

The Basics of Wine Tasting

wine tasting basics

The Basics of Wine Tasting

We often get asked to recommend local entertainment & events, outdoor recreational activities, such as hikes, nature walks and kayaking, and most of all local wineries. The wine regions in this county have bloomed in the last decade, and the area itself has made quite a reputation for providing great vintages of wine.
If you consider yourself a novice here are some tips that could help when tasting in San Luis Obispo county:

• At this point in time there are three recognized wine regions or AVA’s (American Viticulture Areas); sometimes they are referred to as appellations (used more in Europe)

• Paso Robles AVA (there are talks about breaking up Paso Robles into 11 smaller viticultural areas)
• Edna Valley AVA

• Arroyo Grande Valley AVA

• To be classified as an AVA a region must show unique growing conditions and be designated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and the U.S. Department of Treasury.

• Paso Robles AVA is mainly concentrated around the West and East side (around highway 46)

• On average Paso Robles is known as a region suitable for bold reds and fuller body whites (higher average temperatures)

• Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande Valley AVAs have a reputation for lighter bodied reds and crisp whites. (cool air and marine conditions keep the temperature on average lower than Paso Robles)

• The label of any given wine can give a lot of information in regards to what you are tasting:

• Is the wine from a larger general regions such as California or is it AVA designate from Paso Robles, Edna Valley or Arroyo Grande Valley? Is it even more specific: estate grown, from a certain part of the estate or even a certain row of grapes on the particular property? (the price of a wine can often correlate to these attributes)

• The vintage: what were the conditions during the ripening process for the vintage you are enjoying? Often tasting room attendants can provide you with such information.

• The varietal or the blend: is it a pure cabernet sauvignon you are enjoying, is it a designated style of blend or is it a contraption the wine maker created? Keep in mind US laws allow for a wine to be at least 75% of a varietal and still be called by the name of that grape. For example you can have a Pinot Noir that is only 75% Pinot Noir and the rest is a blend of Syrah and Grenache. The law allows for the label to say Pinot Noir and all other information need not be disclosed.

• The name of the wine. Often times many wineries create second labels or have unique and clever names for a blend.

• Don’t forget to ask for wine maker notes. After tasting a wine it is fun and interesting to read what the wine maker has envisioned. Sometimes the notes can be very useful if you are purchasing a wine you could not taste. (ie a Library Wine)
These are some basic ideas and points regarding wine tasting in our area. We would be more than happy to assist our guests with wine tasting planning and itineraries.